mt marcy – naked lunch

mt marcy – naked lunch




If there is anything anyone should know about me when it comes to me, I’m a sucker for good beats. Pair that with good cover art and you know I won’t be able to resist.

Pittsburgh-based mt marcy released “naked lunch” earlier this year. A quick google search brings up Naked Lunch by William S Burroughs, a classic novel known to be a string a vignettes without a clear plot. mt marcy clearly delivers on this, with naked lunch composed of short thirty second to one minute thirty second stories, fading in and out of focus. Like Burroughs’ novel, there doesn’t seem to be one theme to the album. Somehow though, this adds to the character of the album – lullaby brings Satie dreamscapes to mind, Noora, Pt. 2, casual strolls with friends, figs, dancing in the shower.

A charming, short EP. Can’t wait to hear more of mt marcy. 7/10

highlights: noora pt 2whispuur, tangier // interzone


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